Michael Suber

Content Creator | Entrepreneur

Brooklyn, New York

Content Creator & Entrepreneur

I am a content creator & entrepreneur with an objective to reach the maximum amount of knowledge and skill that will bring new ideas and creativity in sales and marketing. With over 5 years in marketing and 7 years in the creative field, it has allowed me to generate a new way to understand today’s marketplace.

I am the editor in chief of Promo Magazine which is a monthly fashion magazine located in New York. Working with brands & creatives in the industry to help tell their story visual.


Howard Community College | AA | Major: Photography

Salisbury University | BA | Major: Visual Communications

Minor: Professional Writing & Marketing


Scarab Magazine

Bloody Angel


PERIOD Magazine

Editorial: Denim


Solis Magazine

Editorial: Color Theory  

Solis Magazine

Editorial: TomBoy Behavior


Elegant Magazine

Editorial: CHIC. 

Elegant Magazine

Editorial: RED DREAMS 


We Live & We Cry-Solo Exhibition | Howard County Arts

Bloody Angel | Howard County Arts | 2017

Bloody Angel & Red Angel | Art Expo | 2017

Things That Matter | Salisbury Arts | 2017


Howard Community College

-The accomplishments I have made as an entrepreneur

Salisbury University

-The beginning, the power of collaboration