Michael Suber

Founder of Promo Magazine

Partner at Couture Modeling Agency NYC

One that stays with current events and technology to challenge the everyday normal prospects of creativity is simply doing the world a favor. That is what I live by to keep doing what needs to be done to run a successful company. I started as a photographer with no experience in business although I did learned through my mistakes and by observing my surroundings. My ability to pay attention to detail and execute goals that I have set for myself allows me to succeed creatively and successfully as an entrepreneur. Testing my ability to always create something new and collaborate with others expands my mind to many possibilities. 


Howard Community College | AA | Major: Photography

Salisbury University | BA | Major: Visual Communications | Minor: Professional Writing

Published Work

Scarab Magazine


Bloody Angel


PERIOD Magazine

February Issue 2017

Editorial: Denim


Solis Magazine

August 2016 Web-Editorial

Editorial: Color Theory  

Solis Magazine

October 2016 Issue

Editorial: TomBoy Behavior


Elegant Magazine

December 2016 Issue

Editorial: CHIC. 



Howard Community College

-The accomplishments I have made as an entrepreneur

Salisbury University

-The beginning, the power of collaboration